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Shipping FAQ

hello there! This page is here to try and answer all of your questions regarding your order & shipping!
  • Prep & Packing your Orders - We hand pack and cut each sticker, sort everything by hand. SO it takes about 2-3 days for us to get to everybody's order and pack them to be ready for shipping.


  • Do you ship internationally? - I get this question all the time! But unfortunately no, we do not ship internationally for now. There have been so many horror stories of people’s orders getting lost for MONTHS and/or completely lost in the mail. So for now, we are only open to local USA orders and shipping. Thanks for your understanding! 
  • How long till I get my order? From after the packing phase, we give it a rough estimate of 5 - 7 days shipping depending on the circumstances affecting the USPS at the current moment.


  • Holiday Shipping - As we all know, when the holidays hit(usually Nov-Dec) the postal service here gets super duper overloaded with gifts, people sending & ordering things, send mail, etc. And we understand YOUR frustration, but please give it a couple more days or so if your order has not arrived at your doorstep. The waiting and anticipation actually MAY be even better and more rewarding once you receive your order in the mail. :)


  • My order got damaged or smushed when I got it! - OH NO! Unfortunately, sometimes we cannot help things getting smushed during shipping. Just take a photo and email ( audreyokeya@gmail.com ) or message me on IG @audreyokeya with your smushed item/s and I will gladly resend you your order free of charge or give you a refund. :)


we love you, but we also want to share some luv with our post office workers <3

your patience is super kaduper accpreciated!


thank you!!!