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November 2020

It's been a month now since I've moved my shop over to this one(Shopify) from etsy, and I've gotta say...I'm loving the customizability of the website. Being able to use different fonts & colors to make your site really match your brand is so fun!
This month I've added a new item which is the Calm Winter Printable! I love how it has a 2 little envelopes you can cut and fold into tiny envelopes to add to your journals or to give to your penpals! ( too cute!)
I must admit I've been working almost 10+hours a day to make my shop run smoothly(doing admin work, getting stickers made, book keeping(YUCK!!) etc..) but it is all worth it seeing everyone so happy when they receive their orders! :)
Doing my best so that I don't work on the weekends too. It is healthier that way in the long run. I'm now 30 and it does feel like the age is catching up to me! To my fellow 30 year olds and above, I wish us all good backs & healthy bodies filled with energy! I'm rambling but this is my blog so I write whatever I want hehehe!
In world / America news, this month is election month and it has been SO TENSE for everyone! I hate it so much! But people need to VOTE! I'm still a green card holder so I cannot vote yet, but when I get that citizenship that is definitely one of the things I would love to register for. To be able to vote in the USA for the first time!
If you're still reading this then let me give you a virtual COVID FREE hug! Thank YOU for coming by and reading my blog for today and I hope you have a good rest of your day! We'll get through this together!
xoxo Audrey