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✦ a new beginning ✦

welcome to my new blog / shop / everything in between!

on October 21st, 2020, my etsy store got suspended for no explanation whatsoever. I've tried contacting them and calling them and it is now October 26, still no reply.

I went thru all stages of grief, and decided to once and for all move to another big platform.

BIG CHANGES. Yes, these are very big changes and I'm both very anxious and excited for new things! If you know me well, I'm always a worrier, it will forever be part of my ever so perfectionist nature to make sure every single post/order/listing is almost if not near perfect. But no one and no thing on this earth is, so please bear with my s o f t opening of my store.

THE SHOP. It will for now not have ALL my stickers that I once had on my Etsy store, as I'm slowly going through each one to see which will stay and which ones need to retire. Good news is that I have NEW washi tapes and memo pads that are just TOO cool and i love them and they are my babies~

i'm just so so blessed and thankful for every one that has supported me thru the years and I cannot wait to see how this all unravels in the weeks, months, or years to come. ✦

with love,

xoxo audrey o